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When it comes to providing engineering Services and Consultants we are,




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hat we do.

Founded: November 2014 as “Elegant Power Engineering Services & Consultants” & Now as “Elegant Power Turnkey Services Private Limited” from 30th June 2017.

Elegant Power implements a quality assurance programme covering all aspects of design, procurement, installation and commissioning. Provides the customer with a guarantee that a contract will be completed to specification, ensures consistency and eliminates the possibility of expensive errors. Elegant Power believes that our standard of customer service is paramount to the future of our company. Our customer service policy is therefore central to all our operations and complied with throughout the workforce. By believing in this policy, and meeting the changing needs of our customers, we are able to give an outstanding service.


We are motivated & focused on our goals & strive to ensure that “Only the most professional service is provided for our clients”.


To offer cost-effective innovative solutions for all kinds of electrical needs.