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Testing and commissioning

Pre-Testing and Commissioning

The commissioning team should be involved in the whole project, from design and construction through to operation. The more complex the high voltage system, the more critical commissioning becomes, for long term reliability and return-on-investment.

Commissioning is an important part of developing an ongoing preventive maintenance program. It gives you confidence to know your equipment will operate safely, and helps avoid downtime due to malfunction. Our commissioning tests provide the baseline data necessary to your asset monitoring and preventive maintenance program.

Our commissioning teams are outfitted with the latest in HV testing and commissioning equipment and are experienced with equipment from a wide range of manufacturers. 

as testing commissioning & trouble shooting service provider for electrical systems ranging from 415 V to 400 KV. Management has in depth testing, commissioning & troubleshooting experience of more than 30 years in Generation, Transmission and Distribution. Clients were catered in India as well as abroad. Our area of operations is

1. Pre commissioning testing of 3.3KV to 765KV class CT/CVT/Breaker/Transformer/LA, protective relay and protection schemes like busbar protection scheme, Transformer/Reactor differential and REF protection.

2. Testing of Generator and Motors relays & Protection scheme.

3. Transformers Protection, Feeder protection, Bus Bar Protection for process and petrochemical industries having 11/6.6 KV switchgear & PCC/MCC/PMCC.

4. Review of existing protection scheme and relays of plant and substation

5. Review of electrical fault occurrence and equipment failure analysis.