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Primary Design

EPTSPL offers the full suite of   Primary electrical design determines the specification, layout and arrangement of all the major equipment in the substation. Our primary engineers will coordinate the other disciplines and ensure that the final design has the look and operation that you are after.

EPTSPL can do 

Layout design

Fitting selection as well as fitting design to suit

Equipment specification to all relevant IEC & IEEE Standards

Short circuit Analysis Cable line and sag calculations

Thermal expansion for busbars

Cable sizing for HV and LV cables

Fault calculations

Lighting design (indoor, switchyard and roads)

Arc Flash analysis to IEEE 1584 & NFPA 70E

Earthing modelling 

Earth grid design and earthing details specification

Lightning protection

Electric and magnetic field modelling

Fault current distribution

Insulation coordination

CAD design in both Microstation and Autocad 2D and 3D