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Projects Handled

Design Projects

Projects Successfully Handled by Design Team:

  • Short Circuit Calculation & Relay co-ordination using ETAP software for LV distribution system of villages(Ambunti, Avatip, Malu, K&N Villages).
  • Design including short circuit calculation, Power Transformer Sizing calculation, CT, VT parameters sizing calculation, Relay selection, ZX2.0 Switchgear schematics review, Protection circuit interfacing with ZX2.0 Switchgear, 8DA10 switchgear, Cable sizing calculation, Cable schedule design, Battery & Battery charger sizing calculation, etc.,
  • 33/11kV Knolly Substation, 33kV Suva substation, 132kV CB upgradation-Cunningham Substation, 33kV Cunningham Substation, 33kV Volivoli Substation, 33/11kV Momi Substation, 33/11kV Nawai Substation, 33kV Nabou Substation, Kinoya Power station, etc.
  • Design of MIMIC Panel at 132/33KV  Cunningham Substation, Fiji Islands.
  • SCADA system design for all above substations.
  • PLC system design for Nayagi Water treatment Plant, Fiji Islands.
  • Design of REG-DA Tap Changer Panel control wiring schematics.
  • All the above projects were successfully handled by our team & were progressed well to fulfil the growing needs in Energy Demand.